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 The gold drop rate now is even less, what's happening? :(

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PostSubject: The gold drop rate now is even less, what's happening? :(   Fri 30 Jun - 14:59

I don't think there's still any fun playing this server at first we saw this server we were excited because even if there are so much lag, the drop rate of gold somehow compensate the lag, although it would compensate more if the drop rate is higher, but then the drop rate of gold became lesser and when I try to ask for a higher drop rate of gold, they even made it lower, so much lower. Now I don't think there's anymore fun on playing on this server, how can we even donate if the GMs don't even respond accordingly to requests? We asked for higher gold drops ang they made it even so much lower. They took out the fun now and there's no reason playing here anymore... With this lag, and with this kind of server status (so much lag, very low drop rate, very low exp rate, almost the same as in the commercial) its way better to play on the commercial servers.
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The gold drop rate now is even less, what's happening? :(
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